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Welcome to the team Paul

We are delighted to announce that Paul McKenna has recently joined our team as UK Sales Manager. Paul brings with him a wealth of knowledge in sensors, safety and barcode readers. 
If you have any new applications planned or would like Paul to look at alternatives to competitor products for you, please contact him on
07553 427112 or send an email to 


The New BLADE by Datalogic Cuts Through the Toughest 1D Bar Code Reading Applications

the Blade 100 and 200 Series from Datalogic, is the next generation of Compact Industrial 1D readers designed to provide the ultimate experience for use in Automated Warehouses, Packaging Machines, Intralogistics, and for integration within OEM machines. Calling on decades of experience in stationary laser readers, Datalogic introduces a new paradigm in 1D reading with a full solid-state imager delivering lean integration, simple installation, and reduced maintenance. The Blade Series represents the next Evolution of the DS2100 and DS2400 Series:


The PowerScan 9600 DPX Next Generation DPM Reader

Introducing the Datalogic PowerScan 9600 DPX, a groundbreaking solution for DPM reading. The "X" in DPX symbolises exceptional performance, particularly in reading Direct Part Marking (DPM) and label-based codes created using laser, dot peen, inkjet printing, and electrochemical etching. Tailored for diverse industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, tyres and healthcare, this device excels in medical device tracking and surgical inventory management. All cordless PowerScans are available with Serial, USB, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP or PROFINET connectivity.

Meet the New Gryphon GFS4500 Low Cost High Performance 1D/2D Reader

The all-new GFS4500 by Datalogic is a cross-industry extremely versatile 1D/2D scan module in a very compact housing. Suitable for both retail and industrial automation applications the GFS series benefits from a wide angled 1 megapixel optic giving superb reading performance. Whilst being smaller than the outgoing GFS4400 there is an adaptor bracket for easy replacement.  Connectivity options are micro USB directly into the reader or cabled RS232 or USB 2.  The reader also benefits from a blue light aimer which replaces the laser crosshair and green led to show a good read.

New SH4 Series of Type 4 Safety Light Curtain

The new SH4 is the most advanced and complete safety light curtain series Datasensing has released. To cover different application needs, models are available with basic, standard or advanced functionality, offering a large number of functions and giving the possibility to configure the device through simple wiring, DIP-Switches or programming software.On advanced models, the programming of functions like blanking, reduced resolution and muting is possible without using any external interfaces, instead you access the light curtain directly using an App over Wi-Fi.

We Are Moving!

We are delighted to announce that due to the growth of our company over the last few years we are moving to new premises in the Buckinghamshire village of Dorton.  The new offices and stores at, Brook Farm, will enable us to support our current and future customers with increased stock and qualified personnel. 




Datasensing launches the new S3N series

Datasensing has recently launched the new S3N series: a complete range of miniature photoelectric sensors with state-of-the-art functionalities and improved mechanical characteristics.
This new line adds advanced optical functions, like laser background suppression and retroreflex for clear objects.It offers a wide range of features with different adjustment methods and it also embeds IO-Link connectivity with a high degree of parameterization.



A New Company is Born

Datasensing launched at the beginning of 2022, created by the merger of Datalogic's Sensor & Safety and Machine Vision business unit and M.D. Micro Detectors, which was acquired in 2021. The new company has over 50 years of experience and will continue to have it's HQ in Italy.  Datasensing is developing, manufacturing, and supplying Machine Vision, Sensor and Safety, offering more than 200 product lines and 22500 standard and custom part numbers. For further information please click here to visit the new Datasensing website 

Who is Datasensing?

In 2021 MD Micro Detectors, our main sensor partner, was purchased by Datalogic.  The Datalogic sensor, safety and machine vision business combined with the MD Micro Detectors business will be called Datasensing.  The creation of the new company means that Sensor Centre will be able to offer sensor and safety solutions from a vast range of over 220 product lines. For now you will see very little difference as existing products will continue having the same part numbers and logo.


The all new PowerScan 9600 when Top Flexibility Meets Extreme Reliability

Introducing the all new Datalogic PowerScan 9600 family. The key advantages over the very popular PowerScan 9500 are contactless charging, enhanced reading performance and further ruggedisation including the reader now being IP67 rated. There are also models with colour image capture and the user can select from a range of embedded fieldbus options. The corded versions are already available from stock with the cordless models following close behind.  Eventually the 9600 will replace the 9500 in full.

Smart-VS Vision Sensor by Datalogic is powerful but simple

The new Smart-VS from Datalogic is a clever and simple smart vision sensor. Outside the Smart-VS is treated just like any touch to teach optical sensor but inside the sensor is incredibly powerful with embedded Artificial Intelligence technology. 
Setting is as easy as 1,2,3. Just teach the good condition then the bad and save!  The sensor will do everything else for you. There's also a web interface connected over Ethernet for when you want to see live or stored images from your application. Click here for video


Datalogic Launch New Aladdin 3.0 Hand Held Bar Code Reader Configurator

Datalogic has just launched new versions of their popular Aladdin software.  Aladdin is used to program Datalogic's extensive range of hand held 1D and 2D bar code readers. You can find the latest version 3.0 in the software section of our website Software. A new feature is a dedicated website which can be accessed through any web browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet without the need to install a copy of the software.  You create a configuration for your reader which generates a 2D code on the screen which once read sets up your reader for you.


FY Series Expands Fibre Optic Amplifier Range

The New FY fibre optic amplifiers feature a double digital display of the signal received & set threshold value.  There are three types of teach-in on all models, fine, standard & dynamic, four selectable switching frequencies (HIGH SPEED, FINE, SUPER & MEGA).  There is also selectable time delay on, delay off & one shot as well as anti-mutual interference function.  These sensors are ideal for automatic assembly machines & pharmaceutical applications.


New Retro-reflective Area Sensor models with 149mm height detection & 1mm resolution

MD Micro Detectors has just added two new models to their extensive range of area sensors.  The latest models are both polarised retroreflective which makes these versions incredibly good value for money & much quicker to install. The new model of CR0 sensor which detects a height of 69mm is now available with a resolution of 1mm which makes it ideal for detecting small objects as well as the leading edges of packaging including envelopes.The second new model called the CR1 has an increased detection height of 149mm a range of up to 4.5m but it can still detects objects down to 3mm.


UQ1 All New Miniature Cubic Ultrasonic Sensor

This brand new miniature ultrasonic sensor by MD Micro Detectors has a rectangular housing with an M18 front face & M3 side fixings. There are sensing ranges up to 1200mm with adjustment made using the teach in button. The sensors are available with PNP or NPN switching & all models except those with IO-Link have analogue 0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA output as standard.  The UQ1 can also be used to replace most miniature photoelectric sensors. With IP67 protection & a working temperature range of -20 ° C to + 70 ° C the QU1 is ideal for detection & measurement  in dirty environments.

LBK The First Safety Barrier That Continues Working when Optical Solutions Fail!

The LBK System by Inxpect is the worlds first SIL2/Pld radar system certified for critical safety applications.
The LBK system can comprise of up to six LBK-S01 sensing heads connected into one LBK-C22 controller using CAN bus.
Using the easy to use configuration software the user can determine how many LBK-S01 heads will be required to protect an area and their mounting positions as well as adjust the alarm and safety distances.

Latest Sensor News from MD Micro Detectors

Over the next couple of months we will be launching several new products from our Italian sensor partner MD Micro Detectors.  This is your first chance to see some of the new sensors and a few you might have missed!
It's also a chance to find out a little more about this great Italian sensor manufacturer and the Finmasi Group which MD Micro Detectors is a part of.



UT5 M30 Ultrasonic Sensor with 8m Range

With the introduction of the NEW MD Micro Detectors UT5 ultrasonic series we can now offer a direct detection range of 8m. The sensor is available with an M30 Stainless Steel body & benefits from touch to teach setup.
Models are available with NPN or PNP switching as well as analogue 0-10V or 4 to 20mA output.As standard the sensor has the option of synchronisation or multiplex connectivity but we now also offer the option of IO-Link on all our ultrasonic sensors.


Introducing the New QF Miniature Rectangular IP69K Sensors for Harsh Environments

The new QF family has been specially designed to be used in hostile environments. Built with materials having excellent mechanical properties, it has a miniaturized body stainless steel body able to withstand high pressure and high temperature washes as well as aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The QF series is available with background suppression, diffused, polarised retro or through beam sensing. The QF series joins a growing family of IP69K rated sensors by MD Micro Detectors which we stock and support here in the UK.


FL Series M18 "T" Housing Through Beam for Car Washes

The FL series is a through beam specifically designed for car washes. In an M18 "T" housing the FL series has wide angle optics for easy alignment and is available with either an 8m or 30m sensing range.
The FL range is available with either NPN, PNP or Push Pull normally open or normally closed outputs and has built in anti-mutual interference.  The sensors are IP69K rated and are fitted with 5m integral cables.


Datalogic's New DS5100 is Both Flexible & Powerful

The NEW DS5100 is ideal for manufacturing plants offering excellent reading performance, easy setup with X-PRESS™ interface,high-speed ID-NET™ as well as for the first time in this housing Ethernet IP. The DS5100 series includes subzero models with operating temperatures from -35°C to 50°C. Smart Focus Adjustment optimizes reading performances based on reading distances using a single model.The DS5100 replaces the DS41, DS4300, DS4600 and the current DS4800. It's available with integrated oscillating mirror to read codes at different heights & has M12 connectivity as standard.

All New 2 Wire AC/DC Inductive Sensors

With the introduction of the new MD Micro Detectors V3 AC/DC inductive sensor range we can now offer a range of flush and non-flush barrel inductive sensor in housings from M8 to M30. The usuer has a choice of 2m PVC or PUR cable as well as a dual key connector and all models have a working voltage from 20 to 250Vac/dc. All of the V3 series are available with extended sensing range and have short circuit protection as standard.

New Ultrasonic M18 & M30 Sensors

M.D. Micro Detectors has just updated it's UK and UT series of ultrasonic barrel sensors. Both the M18 bodied UK1 and UK6 are now available with a stainless steel housing & the short body UK6 is now available with analogue output. The M30 UT series has now been enhanced with the introduction of the UT2 series which has a detection range of 6M.  Models are available with either one or two switch points, analogue output or a combination of the two.  The complete range of UK and UT ultrasonics are available with either direct detection or retro sensing and are also ATEX and cULus certified.

New CR0 Reflex Area Light Curtain by MD Micro Detectors

The new CR0 reflex area sensors from M.D. Micro Detectors have been designed to provide customers with advanced high performance detection of objects in industrial environments at a very competitive price. The CR0 has a detection height of 69mm and a range of up to 5m. Resolution of 6mm up to 2m and 10mm at 5m and is IP67 rated. Models are available with IO-Link communication as well as NPN and PNP outputs. The top of the sensor is dedicated to the teach button and  highly visible switching LED.  At the base of the sensor connection is made through an M12 pigtail.


New FULL METAL Inductive Sensors by MD Micro Detectors

The new FM series of M8, M12, M18 and M30 inductive sensor are their first full metal, short bodied models from MD Micro Detectors.  All models are supplied with AISI 316L stainless steel body and sensing face, making them the ideal solution for all applications in harsh environments. The FM series withstands surface abrasion from metal brushes, oil pressure of 80bar at 60°C and is impact resistant (IK protection degree) to EN62262.  All models are IP69K rated making them suitable for applictions in the food and beverage as well as the machine tools industry.


New PowerScan 9100 Series. The Definition of a Laser, the Benefit of an Imager

The New PowerScan 9100 linear imagers introduce Datalogic’s new scan engine technology which emmits a green scanning line with all the benefits of a linear imager, giving outstanding 1D decoding capability.This new technology is a safer technology when compared to laser reading and has no moving parts.The PowerScan family is known in the industry as one of the most rugged scanners on the market. The PowerScan 9100 linear imagers are available as a corded or cordless models featuring Bluetooth ® wireless technology or Datalogic's STAR Cordless System™ narrow band radio.

New Vibration & Inclination Measurement Sensors from MD

M.D. Micro Detectors has recently announced a brand new VBR Series product line which detects and feeds back information on Vibration, Shock and Inclination.  These sensors are used to monitor the vibrations and shocks on machinery by detecting abnormal and unexpected problems.  They can also be fitted on cranes, forklifts, cherry pickers and scissor lifts to detect the inclination.  The sensors detect and warn the operator if they are using equipment at a potentially dangerous angle. 


Sensor Centre is Datalogic 3 Star Gold ID Partner

Datalogic makes Sensor Centre a 3 star gold partner for automatic identification products.  This means that when you choose to buy any Datalogic bar code reading product through Sensor Centre you will have a specialist on hand to help you from specifying the corect model all the way through to installation.

New TFM Miniature Time of Flight Sensor from MD has Two Outputs

MD Micro Dtectors has recently launched a new type of miniature Time Of Flight technology based sensor in the popular QM housing called the "TFM" series. This new series represents the ideal solution for detecting objects independent of their colour, shape, material or brightness.  The sensor has two independent outputs and 600mm range.  The wide 25 degree class 1 laser optic makes the TFM ideal for detecting transparent or difficult to detect packaging but it's also great for identifying product by height or width thanks to the two independent outputs.

New Ultra-Compact Matrix 120 2D Reader from Datalogic

Matrix 120, the smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager that fits into anyintegration space.  This is the newest entry level member of the best-in-class Matrix family of high performance industrial 2D imagers. The Matrix 120 imager leads the market for ease of use and has the highest industrial grade in its class; multiple models of the Matrix 120 imager allow it to cover an extensive range of applications in OEM and Manufacturing industries including Electronics, Packaging, Food and Beverage, chemical and Biomedical.


New PowerScan 9300 Series Industrial 1D Bar Code Readers Replace 8300 Series

Datalogic launches the new PowerScan™ 9300 laser scanner series.  The PowerScan family is the world’s bestselling line of industrial scanners and the PowerScan 9000 series expands the family combining its industry-leading features and ruggedness with high speed laser reading performance. The PowerScan 9300 laser scanner series is available with extra-long range reading capabilities. The PowerScan 9300 laser series is available as a desk top model, a Bluetooth® wireless technology model, or a wireless version featuring Datalogic's STAR Cordless System™ radio.


New SPECTRO 3 Sensor Solves Toughest Automotive Paint Colour Identification Problems

Thanks to it's 45 degree angled LED illuminators the new SPECTRO-3-28-45/0-JR can distinguish between any paint colours no matter how dark, light or metallic with incredible accurracy. We have already had great success in the automotive industry with this sensor identifying the paint finish on various exterior parts.

New Rotary Encoders. High Performance Low Price

Sensor Centre is pleased to introduce rotary encoder ranges from MD Micro Detectors and Datalogic.  We are also happy to customise even small quantities with special cable lengths, mountings or connectors.
Models are available with hollow or solid shafts & PPR's from 100 to 10000. The range of Absolute encoders are available with integrated Fieldbus connectivity for CANopen®, Devicenet®, EtherCAT®, Profibus®, and Profinet®. An extensive range of accessories including measurement wheels & draw wires further compliment the series.

Datalogic Introduces new programming software "DL.code" for 2D readers

Datalogic DL.CODE™ software is a revolutionary step in developing the best-in-class 2D imager family with the release of the new Matrix N™ imagers family powered by DL.CODE™ .
DL.CODE™ software provides a user friendly graphically based environment able to introduces crucial advantages in the MATRIX N Line offering.

New M18 Background Suppression Lasers from MD

The FAL Family is now complete with the introduction of the new FALS and FALW models of M18 Photoelectric Laser Sensors with Background Suppression.The sensors are available with either axial or radial optics. Thanks to the small and focused bright SPOT and to the 1.5 KHz switching frequency, this model gives a very accurate and stable detection performance. The sensitivity trimmer allows an easy adjustment of the detection range (max 150mm) making it easy to detect very small objects at high speeds.

New Miniature Inductives from MD

The new range of miniature inductive sensors from MD have been designed to directly replace older MD products as well as those from competitors. All of the new models now switch at 7KHz, have shorter bodies and extended sensing distances. By switching to this new design you can expect to save at least 20% compared to the older models.

Sensor Centre has Automotive Applications Sewn Up!

Last August Sensor Centre was appointed as the UK partner for German Colour & Measurement sensor manufacturer Sensor Instruments. The SPECTRO-3 series of colour sensor has already been adopted by several automotive industry suppliers to identify both interior & exterior colours from black carpets to metallic silver paints. These sensors are not affected by any changes in ambient lighting unlike many colour vision systems.

Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Fork Sensors

Sensor Centre and M.D. Micro Detectors presents the new FC series of fork sensors, the best solution for packaging, labelling, printing applications and automatic machines. The new series we are introducing are the FC5, FC6 which have slot widths from 30mm to 120mm and are available with infrared, visible red and laser emission. The FC7 fork sensor is designed for label detection, with a high switching frequency and touch to teach setting. The FC8 is our first ultrasonic forks sensor for transparent label detection.