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Please feel free to download the software below but please note that in some cases the file sizes are very large so if you are in a hurry you should download the versions without documentation.  Software last updated 4th February 2019.

CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe
Datalogic USB Com Driver
Genius CD 1.14 (620638225) Version Without
Genius Full Version 1.14
LBK Simulator Setup 1.2.0.exe
SPECTRO3-Scope V4.3 (2014.05.20).zip
SPECTRO3-Scope V4.4 (2018.01.09).zip
Sensor Centre Privacy Policy 2018.pdf
Sensor Instruments SensorFinder V1.0 (2015.04.22) (2).zip
VisiSet Release
WinHost for
Windows 10 Compatible