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CR Series Retroreflective Area Light Curtains

The CR series of polarised retroreflective area sensor from Datasensing (formerlyM.D. Micro Detectors) has been designed to provide customers with advanced high performance detection of objects in industrial environments at a very competitive price. 
The CR0 has a detection height of 69mm with a range of up to 4.5m and the CR1 which has a detection height of 149mm.  They are now joined by the new CR2 which has a detection height of 309mm. The optical pitch is 10mm giving a resolution of 6mm up to 2m and 10mm at 4.5m and is IP67 rated. Models are available with IO-Link communication as well as NPN and PNP outputs.  Connection is through an M12 pigtail connection. New version just released with 1mm resolution making it ideal for envelope detection.

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