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Axicon PV-1000 Portable Verification Unit

The  PV-1000 Portable Display and Collection unit can be used with the Axicon 6000, 6500 or 7000 series verifier (with a USB connector).The PV-1000 enables the user to run the readers without the need for a PC so giving you full portability and flexibility. The PV-1000 can save both a text file of the verification results and also the scan file (which can be uploaded if required into the Axicon PC software).

Printed verification reports can be obtained either by using a standard serial (RS232) printer or by transferring the saved data to a PC through the use of a USB memory stick and then printing from the PC.

An Optional protective rubber boot is also available if a higher level of protection is required (please note that the PV-1000 cannot be used in conjunction with an Axicon verifier from the "S" or "HS" range).