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Spectro-3 Fluorescent Colour Sensor by Sensor Instruments

When the integrated light source of the SPECTRO-3-...-UV color sensor is activated, the sensor detects the radiation that is diffusely reflected from the object to be measured. As a light source the SPECTRO-3-…-UV colour sensor uses a UV-LED (385 nm, or 365 nm in case of using an external UV illumination unit SPECTRO-ELS-UV) with adjustable transmitter power to excite the luminescent marking. An integrated 3-fold receiver for the red, green, and blue content of the visible light that is emitted by the luminescent marking is used as a receiver. A special feature here is that the gain of the receiver can be set in 8 steps. This makes it possible to optimally adjust the sensor to almost any luminescent colorant that can be excited in the long-wave UV range (365 nm or 385 nm).

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