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A-LAS Analogue Through Beam Laser Separates

Parallel laser light with homogeneous light distribution in round or rectangular cross-section is used for measuring, positioning, and detection of objects starting from a size of 0.01 mm. Measuring principle: Partial covering of the laser beam leads to a voltage at the analogue output that is proportional to the degree of covering. The laser light beam that is emitted by a high-precision optical unit (aspherical surface made of glass) allows the detection of smallest objects (e.g. threads) even in case of a large transmitter/receiver distance (distances up to 100 m, depending on model and aperture). The use of high-precision apertures in the transmitters ensures optimum adaptation to the respective application. The aperture guarantees a homogeneous light distribution on the beam and a sharp beam limitation. Apart from a large variety of standard apertures special apertures can also be realised.

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