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Extensive range of Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic and Area Sensors in tubular and rectangular housings including IP69K and high temperature versions from Italian manufacturer M.D. Micro Detectors.


Type 2 and 4 Safety light curtains, sensors and controllers available in IP69K and heated housings for finger, hand, leg and body detection from Italian manufacturer M.D. Micro Detectors.


We bring together dimensional and colour measurement solutions using Ultrasonic and Photoelectric technology as well as Light Curtains from M.D. Micro Detectors, Sensor Instruments and DUOmetric.


Industrial Fixed Position and Hand Held 1D/2D barcode readers as well as Machine Vision from Datalogic.


Datasensing launches the new S3N series

Datasensing has recently launched the new S3N series: a complete range of miniature photoelectric sensors with state-of-the-art functionalities and improved mechanical characteristics.
This new line adds advanced optical functions, like laser background suppression and retroreflex for clear objects.It offers a wide range of features with different adjustment methods and it also embeds IO-Link connectivity with a high degree of parameterization.



A New Company is Born

Datasensing launched at the beginning of 2022, created by the merger of Datalogic's Sensor & Safety and Machine Vision business unit and M.D. Micro Detectors, which was acquired in 2021. The new company has over 50 years of experience and will continue to have it's HQ in Italy.  Datasensing is developing, manufacturing, and supplying Machine Vision, Sensor and Safety, offering more than 200 product lines and 22500 standard and custom part numbers. For further information please click here to visit the new Datasensing website 

Who is Datasensing?

In 2021 MD Micro Detectors, our main sensor partner, was purchased by Datalogic.  The Datalogic sensor, safety and machine vision business combined with the MD Micro Detectors business will be called Datasensing.  The creation of the new company means that Sensor Centre will be able to offer sensor and safety solutions from a vast range of over 220 product lines. For now you will see very little difference as existing products will continue having the same part numbers and logo.


The all new PowerScan 9600 when Top Flexibility Meets Extreme Reliability

Introducing the all new Datalogic PowerScan 9600 family. The key advantages over the very popular PowerScan 9500 are contactless charging, enhanced reading performance and further ruggedisation including the reader now being IP67 rated. There are also models with colour image capture and the user can select from a range of embedded fieldbus options. The corded versions are already available from stock with the cordless models following close behind.  Eventually the 9600 will replace the 9500 in full.